About me

I travel, meet people and have years of experience in PR and gastronomy, which is naturally reflecting at my photographs, both for clients and for myself. These transcending the frontiers are perfect for creating promotional portfolios, ad photos and reportages.

I have several exhibitions behind me and series of articles published in both print and online media. You can find my snapshots in magazines and hotels. Many of them illustrate newspaper articles of various publishers.

Why me?

  • I am reliable, creative and open to improvisation person.

  • I prepare for photo shooting in advance, know what I want and keep deadlines.

  • I operate my equipment well and know the theory of photography, even though I prefer practice.

  • I take photos since my youth and work at photography at full stretch for over 10 years.

  • My portfolio contains broad set of post-production software.

  • I come with friendly attitude and a sense of humor.


My interplay with professional equipment I use is quite obvious:

  • I use modern equipment Fujifilm X-​H1; X-​T3 a X100F, all combined with professional lenses.
  • Although I prefer to work with natural light, I have both constant and flash lighting equipment, light boxes and backgrounds


I make photos, image design and realize promotional portfolios for range of companies and associations. I work as a reportage photographer as well.

Several clients I work for:

  • ČTK
  • Praha TV
  • Even agency SPADEA 
  • ALD automotive 
  • Remy Cointreau
  • Whisky a Kilt Prague
  • Krátoška Chemin
  • Sushi Chef
  • Tullamore D.E.W.
  • TEREZA association
  • Hotel, wellness and restaurant Bílý jednorožec, Třeboň
  • Golf tournaments "Tuesday on the green"
  • Traditional brewery in Rakovník
  • Center for Environmental Education Toulcův dvůr, Prague
  • VTcentrum driving School
  • Restaurant U Týna, Prague and many others throughout the Czech Republic
  • Restaurant U zlaté kachny Karlovy Vary
  • Music bands: LightMotif, Appaloossa, Asonance, Dan Király and others
  • Ambassador and president of the single malt whisky club Mr. Václav Rout
  • Camping, Car & Caravan magazine
  • Camp & Caravan association

You can find my photos in many media including Playboy (18+ content) or Nature magazines