Meeting with the wild

Sometimes during traveling man can gets into critical situations even despite all efforts and readiness.

One of the stories that crops up and which you may come across in connection with my person is my encounter with a polar bear due a science-sport expedition to Svalbard in 2015. Despite all the measure steps that the investigation recognized as sufficient, I woke up in the tent face to face with this beast and fight for life and death has begun. Thanks to God and my friends from the expedition, I won this fight. However, on the other side of this happiness (I am one of few survivors of this kind of attack) was a certain sadness of the price.

Polar Bears International is the only organization specified solely to wild polar bears. Members know polar bears - their habits, ecology, threats - they are recognized leaders in their protection.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be further on earth and therefore devote my time to things that have meaning and benefit. I work long term in nature conservation, give lectures and take pictures. One of the minor steps is helping with protection of polar bear population on our planet by charitable contribution to Polar Bears International.